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About Me

Hi, I'm Anderson Truong!

I'm third-year undergraduate studying Computer Engineering at UCLA.

I love learning about and doing projects in a variety of different fields, particularly computer architecture, machine learning, security, and signal processing.

For the summer of 2024, I am an Embedded Runtime Software Intern for the autonomous driving startup PlusAI.

Previously, I interned at The Aerospace Corporation, specializing in FPGA/ASIC and embedded hardware security. I've mainly done work in side channels, cryptography, and verification.

At UCLA, I love tackling problems in ML academic research. I'm currently doing research in hardware acceleration for heterogeneous systems in the VAST Lab.

From 2023-2024, I worked as a graph machine learning researcher in the SRILab to accelerate Graph Neural Network algorithms for city traffic and infrastructure vulnerability analysis.

In the past, I've been also involved in human-computer interaction and optics-based deep learning research.

In 2022, I interned at the Human-Centered Computing and Intelligent Sensing Lab. In three months, I led an end-to-end project to develop a wearable device using computer vision for context-based localization and interaction. Through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), my research project was recognized with the Best Poster Award.

From 2021 to 2022, I was a research assistant in The Ozcan Research Group. I supported the fabrication of nano-scale metasurface-based optical neural networks as imaging devices for light-speed computer vision tasks. With my team, I presented our work and poster at an internal symposium.

As a side-passion, I'm really into full-stack web development. I'm currently the Tech Co-Director of Creative Labs at UCLA. I manage our website, internal resources/tools, and provide technical help/mentoring to our project teams. I'm also the Administrative Vice President for Alpha Phi Omega Chi Chapter. So far, I've developed and deployed a complete overhaul of our chapter's website.

Throughout college, I've also had the opportunity to touch on a diverse range of biotechnology-related projects and applications.

During my first quarter at UCLA, I led a project using embedded deep learning and on-device inferencing on IMU data to design a wearable device to assist physical therapists.

In the summer of 2022, I competed in the Japan-America Innovators of Medicine hackathon event in Tokyo, Osaka, and Tsukaba, Japan. As a joint-effort between UCLA and Stanford, we tackled the various healthcare and societal problems arising from the growth in Japan's dementia population. This week-long event gave me the opportunity to visit and experience a new culture, to brainstorm and work with inspiring students, engineers, and medical professionals, to connect with Japan's leading robotics, AI, and healthcare organizations, and to strengthen the ties of innovation across seas. In the end, my team and I presented our project to Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Throughout my second-year, I was a part of a neurotechnology project through CruX at UCLA. We developed a neuro-feedback training game using real-time EEG data to improve resilience against distraction events. As the software lead of my 14-member team, I designed our multi-threaded application, incorporating digital signal processing algorithms with video game UI elements.

In my free time, I enjoy doing a bunch of random hobbies. I'm currently working on creating hand-made designer leather bags and goods. I also like unicycling, a bit of crocheting, and cooking.

Interested in meeting up?

Feel free to contact me below:

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